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Restroom Sanitizing Survival Kit Review

The Restroom Sanitizing Survival Kit makes your bathroom visit a little bit more hygienic. Useful for travelers and people with Crohn's, so I tested one and wrote a review for you.

I had never heard of a Restroom Sanitizing Survival Kit. Have you? No, and I don’t blame you. But when I was first approached on my twitter account ProbearoundGlob by the people behind yourRSSK, I thought: what a brilliant idea! They sent me two packs of the Restroom Sanitizing Survival Kit to test and try […]

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How I got scammed by a businessman in Rome

Getting scammed can happen to everybody. This is my story of how I got scammed by a businessman in Rome while travelling with my parents. Read and learn how the scammer operated. Can you recognize the famous and most common travel scamms?

This is the story how I got scammed by a businessman in Rome. I think of myself as a pretty savvy traveller. I have heard about all the famous and most common travel scams with money, taxi drivers and people approaching you on the street. Although I like to meet locals, I am always a […]

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Sphere within Sphere around the Globe

The Sphere within Sphere sculptures are made by Italian Artist Arnaldo Pomorodo. I share a few amazing instagram pictures of this art from around the globe. Check which one is closest to you and go see for yourself.

Recently I posted a picture on Probe around the Globe’s Instagram account of the Sphere within Sphere sculpture in Dublin. Before posting, I researched first. I knew this sculpture was made by Italian Artist Arnaldo Pomodoro. I found a whole list of other places where the Sphere within Sphere sculptures are located. This triggered me […]

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Costs for a weekend in Barcelona

For our trip to Barcelona I set a travel budget. I kept track of our expenses and I share our costs for a weekend in Barcelona so you can learn from it.

What were our costs for a weekend in Barcelona? We spend 4 days, 3 nights in Barcelona, Spain. We arrived in early morning on Friday and left Monday in the afternoon. We were a couple, traveling together and splitting the costs. We tried to keep things low budget and made a careful selection of the […]

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Scenic Road Trip to the Ruins of Knidos Turkey

If you plan a beach holiday near Marmaris in Turkey, don't miss out on the most scenic road trip to the Ruins of Knidos at the Datça Peninsula.

I love going to Turkey. It is the perfect place for your summer holiday or a week on the beach. In my guide on where to spend your beach holiday in Turkey, I already shared the treasured of Marmaris and Datça Peninsula. When I returned from a week on a Gület Yacht with my boyfriend […]

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My 7 Reasons to visit South America

You might not be familair with South America. That's why I give you my 7 Reasons to Visit South America and why you will want to go too as inspiration.

My 7 Reasons to visit South America And why you will want to travel to South America too! South America has been on my wander list since the early start of this millennium. When I was going through my old notes, I found a piece of paper with fees for Spanish language course in Bolivia […]

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9 Mistakes to avoid when going to Montserrat monastery

I took a trip to Montserrat near Barcelona but a lot went wrong. I give you my mistakes to avoid when going to Montserrat monastery so you can do better.

When I was planning for my trip to Barcelona, I wanted to do spend time outside the city. I enjoyed my walk around Florence very much, so I wanted to go to Montserrat monastery and the mountains outside of Barcelona. I researched many practicalities before we set out to this little hamlet in the mountains. […]

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Forget Tapas Tapas. Try Tacos Tacos Barcelona

If you´re looking for a local food experience on a budget in Barcelona, consider Mexican food. Forget about tapas but try Tacos Tacos Barcelona.

When I first started with my travel blog, I started to read a lot of other blogger’s posts. I noticed that food and travel go hand in hand with travel blogging. At first, I didn’t like it that much. All those yummy delicious food pictures harassing me at Instagram and Pinterest. Helloooowww!?? I am on […]

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What is your biggest travel fear?

As a solo female traveller, we all want to come across as fearless travel divas, but what is your biggest travel fear? I share what scares me the most.

What is your biggest travel fear? The fear that creeps under your skin when you lay in your bed at night? When your tough looks and YOLO attitude have vanished. At this moment, you might actually hear the questions full of fear, asked by random people. Questions like: “Won’t you be lonely, travelling all by […]

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Which 9 Churches of Rome should you visit?

Visiting Rome is exciting but it can be overwhelming. It's easy to get church-struck in Rome. Which churches of Rome to visit? Which churches are worth your time? I'll give you my 9 most memorable churches of Rome and explain you why you need to visit these.

I like to visit churches. I am not religious but churches are for me like museums and a perfect representation of all forms of art. The churches of Rome are like free museum with great artists like Raphael, Caravaggio, Michelangelo, Borromini and Bernini. Now, let me get you in on a widely known secret: Rome is […]

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