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About Probe around the Globe

Are you a traveller and do you dream about heading off on that big “life changing trip”? Who doesn’t, right?

But you do not know how to plan your next trip? Where to go and what to do there and stay on a budget too? I can help you with that as these are my main challenges too.

Turkey is ideal for a beach holiday. But the country is huge. It even is part of Europe and Asia. So where to go? Where is the best place to spend your beach holiday in Turkey with your family? It must be a nice place, with good infrastructure, good food and no worries. So where should you go? I've been to most of the beach destinations and explored a big part of the country. I'll take you along with me, as we travel along the coast and I'll highlight each feature of the area.
Turkey is one of my favourite budget destinations

If you love to travel, but are not sure how to plan all this by yourself, I will give you a ton of insightful ideas and tips and tricks to make your trip the best one possible.

Check out my different destinations to learn more about the places I’ve travelled to. I blog about travels in Asia, Europe and South-America.

I love to travel by train, so you can find more information under the train menu.

Who is Probe around the Globe and how can I help you?

But.. Probe around the Globe, is that your real name..?
Hi! Nice to meet you, I’m Naomi, I’m Dutch and currently live in the Netherlands.

I have a house, a full time job, a boyfriend and I have a chronic illness, Crohn’s disease to be more precise. I love to share my pictures and stories with the world. For me, that’s the main reason to blog and share it on the interwebs.

I write about my solo travellers around the world and my trips together with my boy friend. I will write “how to” guides and give you tips on things to do, see, experience and how to stay on budget. With my posts I will help you plan your next travel and I give you insight on how to travel with a chronic illness.

about probe around the globe, meet Naomi
Naomi, owner of Probe around the Globe, eating lavender icecream in the Ardèche- France.

I have Crohn’s disease and that’s a pain in the ass.. Literally and figuratively speaking, but that doesn’t keep me from following my dream of probing around the globe! Every month I’ll write a blog post about staying healthy while travelling. Check out my blogs about how to prepare when chronically ill and how to survive a roadtrip with Crohn’s disease.

Work with me!

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