Why start another travel blog?

Why start another travel blog?

That is a relevant question and one I’ve asked myself before starting this new blog. The answer to: “why start another travel blog?”, is a bit simple but complex at the same time:

My answer is: Because I can!

That might not be the best reason, according to this blog about Why you should not start a travel blog. When I read it, I felt like putting my blogging plans in the freezer. But with many things in life, even though you might know that chances are slim and it might not be the best idea ever: you still want to go through with it after all.

Why did you start your travel blog?

But there are different reasons why I want to start another travel blog. To be honest, it’s a bit more complicated than just “because I can.”

My reasons to start another travel blog:

View of an old vintage globe, a great inspiration for travelI love to be online

The internet is a great way for me to meet people online. I have Crohn’s disease and not always the energy to go out and meet with people in crowded places. Some days I’m fine, other days are more problematic. Being able to chat with people online and meet new people virtually is a great way to let my body rest but not get lonely too much.

I love to create something on the web.

I started with a simple webblog long ago. After that I’ve created three other websites and it’s great to build an audience and share the things you love. To discover that there are so many different people in the world, but we’re all connected by the interwebs.

and, last but not least: I love to travel.

I love to discover new fascinating places. Meet different people from all over the globe and learn from their perspective and culture. I think the world is full of cultural riches and the only way to truely discover the world and grow as a person, is to go out and experience things for yourself.

But travelling alone always leaves me a bit empty inside: there is nobody to share those great moments with. When you’re back home and one month after your travel, you ask: remember that sunset over the Atlantic? There’s nobody there to answer.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sad about that. Travelling solo has given me many opportunities that you will not have when travelling with others. Like meeting random people who will change your life. Getting awesome upgrades because there is just one of you. Go wherever and whenever you want to go.

And, very importantly, travelling solo gives me the need to document my travel and share it with as many people as possible. At the end of the travel day or at the end of a trip, writing and adding the right pictures to my story, is like downloading stuff from my own internal harddrive. Putting my memories into writing gives me the ability to relive those travel moments over and over again and transferring all information into long term memories that I cherish.

But aren’t there a dozen other travel blogs out there?

Yes, they are! Why am I different? I want you to learn from my mistakes and show you, that travelling the world with a chronic illness is not impossible. That travelling while handling a job can be done, if you plan and arrange carefully.

If travel has learned me anything, it’s the fact that you just have to follow your dreams, invest the time and the effort and just go with it!

why start another travel blog, travel website work in progress
My reasons to start another travel blog

What is your reason for starting a travel blog? Let me know what made you start your travel website. I’d love to hear.


  1. I started my travel blog because I like sharing my travel adventures with others. I also want to inspire others to go out of the ordinary and choose to see the world however they please. It’s also a little place on the web where I can document my memories. I grew up living in different countries and cultures and my concept of home isn’t a place but rather the memories I create. And thus, on the personal level, I need to document my life bit by bit because I am afraid of forgetting where I came from.

  2. thanks for being honest about your reasons! i feel like a lot of travelbloggers are disingenuous about their reasons. For me, it was the simple fact that I love sharing pictures from all my travels. If I can engage someone or make them laugh from writing a post, great. If not, no sweat.

  3. I started mine really for the same reasons as you did. I love to create things online too but other websites and blogs never “stuck”. They’d be great for a few weeks but fizzle out. I can only chalk it up to those things weren’t truly my passion like travel is. Even though I don’t blog every day (I just don’t have the time), and I’ve had a few periods of no blogging, I still keep coming back to my little corner of the internet to share my travel stories.

    I love reliving the moments of the trips I’ve taken, both in photos and in words. I love that I’ll have these posts to look back on one day as one big collection of all I’ve seen of the world. And I hope to inspire others to get out and see as much as they dream of by showing them it’s possible to do it – solo, with kids, as a couple, with a full-time job, and/or on a budget.

    Great blog! I’m looking forward to reading more.

  4. Good luck with your new blog!

    I’ve started my blog (in Dutch) a long long time ago. Mainly because I wanted to give travelers some inspiration about a future destination.

    Now it’s more. I want to share experiences and inspire people. I want to write about the locals. And last but not least, I want to share photos and tips how to make better photos yourself.

    And guess what? After all those years I still like it!

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